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Taylors 3D Print Lab

Flexi Factory Mech Dragon

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Beautifully designed and 3D printed, this articulated dragon is the definitely the model you are looking for! 

The Mech Dragon can be printed in Rainbow, black, red, gold, silver, green, bronze, and grey. For Additional colors, please send an email or message. This dragon comes in at 21 inches long. 

Wings will need to be put on after shipping, they are too fragile to ship attached. They simply pop on (ball/socket). The Mech Dragon flame is removable, and the body and wings are articulating.

Prints may have sharp design parts.
Ages 12+ is recommended. These are susceptible to breaking if misused.



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Due to high demand, orders could take 2-5days to ship. Please email us as if you have any questions.

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