About Us

Taylors 3D Print Lab is proudly owned and operated by Taylor Stuchbery. Near the start of 2020, the world was gripped in crisis by a new pandemic. As the world shut-down, and borders began closing, Taylor hastily started thinking of ways to make products in America. Thus, he bought his first 3D printer. 

After months of trial and error, he began selling statues and figurines based on popular fan art. As months progressed, he ventured into designing his own figurines and worked with proffessional artists.During this time, he was building his business off of popular marketplaces such as Facebook, Etsy, and Ebay. However, he knew it was time to move beyond social media and launch his own webiste, Taylors 3D Print Lab was born. 

Now Taylor makes a variety of unique and popular, 3D printed, fan-art pieces. He also does commissioned products, and is developing new products all of the time. 

In addition to desktop FDM printing, Taylor recently moved into 3D printing for dental labs. If you are a dental lab based in America, and you are looking for a reliable 3D printing company, please contact us by email at support@taylors3dprintlab.com